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Not a lecture. This complete one-day class of self-examination will help your employees achieve maximum productivity on the job, while they learn about themselves in a fun, fast-paced, interactive environment. Everyone needs a day to reflect and recharge - then come back to perform at peak levels!

In this class, we will help your employees examine three key areas of self-management that will allow your employees to supercharge their efforts for you.

1) How to Get More Organized Mentally

A fun, interactive exercise to learn how to get along with people both like you and unlike you.
What to do if you are juggling too many balls
For better control - design an Absolute Yes List
The WADE formula of time management
Are you a Workaholic? A test to find out, and then what to do about it
SMART goals - Michael Jordan on goals; Jimmy Johnson on goals
The difference between Urgent and Important

2) How to Get Your Environment More Organized

How to set up your Knowledge Store (your workspace)
Dealing with space wasters
Attack the S-P-A-C-E method of organizing your office
Four Boxes and a List method of organizing your office
Organizing paper at home

3) How to Get More Organized Through Other People (Boss, Co-workers, and Subordinates)

When to use / when not to use: e-mail, voicemail, face-to-face communications
How to deal with Time Vampires (the Mr. or Ms. "Have-You-Just-Got-a-Minute")
The Admiral Hyman Rickover method of running a more efficient meeting (a "tight ship")
7 Questions to Hit Your Employees' Hot Buttons (or how to determine what really motivates your employees, and become "Boss of the Year")
Are you a ROAD Warrior or are you engaged in your work?
How to get Outside Insights for those issues that are challenging you at work

An 'admiral' way of running a meeting
Read Ted's article from Practice Management: Implant Dentistry Today on "An 'Admiral' Way of Running a Meeting"

Comments from a manager at a recent session presented for Bridgestone Americas:

"Thank you again for the valuable development experience yesterday. I was very engaged with your charismatic style. I really liked your stories, quotes, principles, questions, and your ability to present information in simple way. When you can if you can please send me the Michael Jordan messages you shared with us yesterday, I would greatly appreciate it."

Comments from managers and team leads at a recent session presented for the Social Security Administration:

"I really enjoyed the class and feel that the material was well presented and useful for all managers and Leads."

I wanted to extend my personal thanks to you for such a great training experience. I enjoyed the training and felt that you were a very enthusiastic and passionate instructor. If you are scheduled to teach any other training classes at our center, I would certainly like to be in attendance. If that is the case, please let me know.

Thank you for the opportunity. Aside from being informative, it was also a good way for leads and management to commingle and become more familiar. It was greatly appreciated.

This was a great class. Ted was awesome and very much passionate about what he does. I was grateful to have been asked to attend.

I did enjoy this class very much! And I took away several tools and ideas. This was an entirely new and positive experience for most of us I think.

Comments from managers at a recent session presented at Verizon:

"I just wanted to take the time and thank Ted, the instructor. He was definitely the breath of fresh air the team needed. In addition, I would like to know if there are other courses that he teaches. Maybe we can get him back on site in the near future.

Thanks again and give my regards to Ted. We really appreciate his enthusiasm and his presentation."

"Good morning, I am the senior manager over the group that attended this class along with me, and I want to ditto the earlier comments. We have all taken one of these type of classes before, but Ted put a new spin on it with a very refreshing and entertaining light that kept me motivated the entire time.

A job well done by Ted, please pass on our appreciation."

Comments from managers at a recent session presented for the Department of Homeland Security:

"Please allow me to jump on the bandwagon here about Ted also. His presentation skills and personality made a great combination in delivery of the subject matter. The ability to combine education and entertainment can be difficult -- but Ted pulled it off. He's welcome back here anytime!"

"The time management seminar with Ted Janusz was outstanding. Ted provided a wealth of information and tools which will be very helpful on the job, as well as in everyday life. Ted made the presentation an enjoyable experience, as he established a rapport with the entire group.

Thank you for sending such a professional to do the job."

Comments from a manager at a recent session presented for General Dynamics:

"The presentation by Ted Janusz was inspirational and motivational to our staff. We work in a fast-paced environment - time management is critical to our success. Ted's presentation was spot on."

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