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REVOLUTIONARY! Presenting ... an actual keynote EXPERIENCE that is all about YOUR PARTICIPANTS. (Not just a speech about a speaker.) Have your participants get to know each other - right from the start.

Imagine telling your conference participants this year about the general session ...

“Creating Strategic Relationships: Here and Now”

Okay. As a professional, you’ve been to plenty of conferences with a keynote speaker. Some of them have been very interesting. Others have been, well …

This year’s conference is going to be quite different. In this session, we’re going to focus on YOU … and your fellow professionals.

Yes, you are going to learn more about yourself, and the other wonderful people at the conference. How to best interact with people like you … and unlike you. We’re going to do this not through a speech but through a fun, interactive exercise – in which YOU are going to help write the script!

And, we’ll even give you a cool tool to help you continue to network throughout the rest of the conference. After all, besides learning and earning continuing education credits, isn’t networking the REAL reason you attend conferences?

We read in industry publications how meeting professionals are moving away from "talking head" keynote speeches. Participants (and Millennials in particular) are demanding that each session of the conference be an experience: fun, engaging, interactive and … all about them!

Your facilitator, Ted Janusz says, "I have learned that if I lecture at my participants, they don't retain the information. However, if they help write the script, they do."

"Ted was the best presenter yet. He was engaging and entertaining from the beginning. More importantly, he got the group engaged with each other. He didn't just stand up and rattle off facts about networking. He taught us about interacting and relating to other people and how to build relationships, how to find common ground, or relate to people by understanding their personality."

"When I saw the topic was 'networking', my first thought was, 'Oh no, it'll be elevator pitches and awkward role playing.' I am happy to say that I was completely wrong! Ted was so enthusiastic and enjoyable and took a completely different approach to the topic, focusing on personalities and different ways of thinking."

"Mr. Ted Janusz was not only an effective public speaker, but he did a great job engaging my fellow attendees and I to make it the best session yet. Similar to planning an effective lesson, there were great segues to make it an active session (as opposed to a passive PowerPoint "snoozefest"). As soon as dinner was finished, Ted was eager to get us up and going (both literally and figuratively) into four smaller groups. The brief brainstorming session about what we were good at as well as areas we could improve on was helpful to both bring together the bigger picture and provide insight as to how we could be a stronger team player."

"In regards to networking, I really liked Ted's acronym WII-FM (What's In It For Me). We millennials have a bad habit of using personal pronouns in emails such as I and me that may say a lot about ourselves, yet do little to nothing to tell prospective employers about how you can be a valuable asset to them."

"Wrapping up the presentation with top 10 networking tips and a cool-down exercise was very practical to give each of us not just a sense of confidence, but also best practices at a networking event."

"The speaker was engaging and targeted the audience to make the material relevant. Also, he was able to guide us in activities that allowed us to get to know one another in a way that we have not been able to do so up to this point."

"Ted was very polite, worked well with AV and the event staff, and greeted all attendees at the door."

"After the session, I really appreciated how Ted was accessible and personal to answer any questions about the presentation. It's going to be hard to follow Mr. Janusz's lead, but this was a slam dunk session for December."

"Your Participants Come to Network"


Onstage at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Need an Emcee?

Consider hiring a Master of Ceremonies for your next event … Why?

An experienced Master of Ceremonies

  • Serves as focal point for your event, as the "face" and "voice" of your event

  • Runs your event seamlessly, keeping your activities on time   

• Prevents a speaker or other onstage participant from taking more than their allotted time, diplomatically  

 • Facilitates discussion with participants, engages the audience, can easily "be in the moment"  

 • Speaks with a pleasant yet commanding and distinctive, attention-getting voice


"GDS International has worked with Ted for several years, on a multitude of events. His boundless energy keeps attendees enthusiastic throughout the program, allowing them to focus on the content and maximize their time onsite. Additionally, for an unpredictable industry such as the event business, it is extremely valuable to have an MC that has the ability to "roll with the punches." Ted is instrumental in providing onsite assistance to my internal team as he is always the face of positivity. It is great to have him as a member of our extended team, which is why we continue to work with him year in and year out."

Jenn Valentin
VP Product, North America, GDS International

Your attendees have each spent hundreds or thousands of dollars, and have traveled across the country or even across the globe to attend your conference. Isn't the real reason . . . to meet other attendees for professional or personal gain?

Rather than hoping that by chance they meet at least a handful of others, why not offer as a concurrent session . . . a Power Networking event?

Here's how Power Networking works: 4 people to a table, 11 minutes per round, 6 rounds. Ahead of time, attendees know at which tables they will be seated at for each round.

They meet different people at each table, each round. So, by the end of the session, they have met, in-depth, up to 18 others . . . that they can continue to network with throughout your conference!

Feedback from a recent Power Networking event:

"What a pleasure to work with you and what a fine job you did!

Thank you for all. As with so many things, the secret was in the preparation. Your diligent and thoughtful work, and your preparation of first-class materials, made it all work.

General commentary throughout the weekend was uniformly positive. I heard second-hand that one of the organizers of last years’ Miami weekend said something to the effect of, Geez this is much better than how we did it!

I personally discussed the program with 3 people and all specifically confirmed they welcomed the 2-minute segment notifications during rounds. These folks said that those absolutely helped the tablemates manage their time. As one friend commented, “If you have a blowhard at the table, you’d have no chance at all without the organizer telling you when to switch.”

The consensus seems to be that some lawyers are pushy loudmouths, but others are polite, nay, meek types and the latter group really benefits from organized opportunities to be heard.

We look forward to seeing you again next year at our conference in San Francisco."

Power Networking



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