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Social Media Marketing
Ted Janusz is one of the most informed and dynamic speakers I have ever heard. Ted delivers more per hour than most speakers can deliver in a full day. His presentation style keeps you interested and wanting to hear what words of wisdom he will share next!
Ted delivers!  :o)

Sure, you could hire someone who has pierced body parts and tattoos for those parts that aren't pierced to try to demystify the phenomenally expanding use of Social Media for your audience. Many tech presenters can get too deep into the technology too fast. Just watch your participants' eyes glaze over!

Successful business people need a speaker who is not a technology geek to be able to explain it to them - in terms they can actually understand.

These business people are fascinated not by the technology (like many Social Media speakers are) but rather by how they can use this expanding trend to actually benefit themselves and their businesses, and how can they use the tools to promote themselves and their businesses on a shoestring budget.

Have an experienced facilitator explain how to use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and messaging apps - in ways your audience can relate to.

For instance, do you realize that the fastest growth in Facebook users is now among females age 55 to 65?









Social Media Marketing Trends
Learn the latest social media marketing trends











Marketing and Social Media Conference
Description of Ted's Marketing and Social Media Conference presentation










In our entertaining, fast-paced session, your client will discover:

A form of marketing that always works
The differences among the popular Social Media sites
The correct use of these tools in marketing to their potential clients
How to get their current clients to sell for them - at no cost

Ted presents his Social Media Marketing workshops in Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Orleans and other cities across the country. Attendees of these workshops range from representatives of government agencies who have limited budgets to reach their clientele, to casino employees looking for new ways to reach high-stakes players.


Social Media Guide for the Insurance Professional
Ted is the author of The Social Media Guide for the Insurance Professional










Social Media Guide for the Insurance Professional
Ted explains how to use LinkedIn
to grow your business










The Social Media Marketing Guide for the Parking Professional
Ted is the author of The Social Media Marketing Guide for the Parking Professional










Workbook - Social Media Marketing
Workbook for Ted's recent conference breakout session










the parking professional
Read Ted's article from
The Parking Professional









Ted Steps to Protecting Your Reputation Online
Read Ted's article
"Did You Hear the One About You? Ten Steps to Protecting Your Reputation Online"










Should Your Practice Have a Facebook Page?
Read Ted's article
"Should Your Practice Have a Facebook Page?"











Order Ted's CD-ROMs today:
Creating a Social Media Strategy in 5 Simple Steps Implementing a Social Media Strategy Facebook Essentials
The Beginner's Guide to Google Analytics The Sales Professional's Guide to Using LinkedIn and Twitter Mobile Marketing for Beginners
Secrets to Building, Growning, and Managing Your Facebook Fan Base Twitter Essentials How to Use Social Media to Recruit High-Quality Employees




























Attendee evaluations from a recent presentation:

"Ted is engaging, enthusiastic, personable, does his homework on his audience, is an excellent speaker and writer, approachable, knowledgeable and very effective as a facilitator/trainer. Aside from all the necessary attributes for being a good facilitator and speaker, Ted is simply likable.

When I am at a conference breakout session, if I am not feeling engaged by the speaker, I will seek out another conference session. Iíve recommended Ted to meeting planners because he keeps the audience engaged. I donít sit in on sessions simply for the CEU requirements. I am there to learn. I always learn from Ted Janusz. He is an excellent speaker and facilitator.

Ted engages his audience while providing detailed and worthwhile content on his speaking topic. When social media sources were new in the industry, Ted was at the forefront of presenting best practices for Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter, and more, as they relate to the professional business person. Ted offers best practices and is excellent at follow-through. He provides updates on his seminar topics and offers a newsletter. Good speakers are also good coaches. A good coach makes sure that his students stay up to date on the best practices. Ted does this quite effectively.

If I ever have a question, I know that Ted is an excellent resource to ask. No matter what his schedule is, he is always prompt at getting back to me."

"By far, the best presentation I have ever attended on the topic of social networking. You were AWESOME!"

"Presenter was almost perfect on a variety of levels."

"Great presentation - nobody talked or napped while you spoke after lunch!"

"I heard you speak last November and really enjoyed and appreciated your presentation. At that time, I was employed by a Farm Credit Association. I am now working with a very strong, growing bank. We are launching a new ad campaign and we are re-designing our Website. I came across my notes from your presentation, and wanted to ask for your words of wisdom. Thank you for your assistance."

"Great speaker, presented a ton of info in a short time."

"Ted was very dynamic and kept my attention."

"Thank you for speaking at the Mid-America Conference on Hearing in Lexington, KY. You certainly thrust many of us into the correct direction with the Internet terminology! Having to ask our children and grandchildren can be daunting.

Your information and stories that supported the information certainly held all of our attention. Now put into place the marketing! Thanks for being our speaker!"

"This class was the best one on the schedule. Makes a difference when you have a professional person speaking!"

"I wanted to thank you for delivering two very fascinating and outstanding seminars last week at the IAAP Convention in New Orleans! They were, to me, the best seminars presented there, and I attended quite a few."

"This was one of the most interesting, fast-paced, informative two hours I have been to in 15 years of conferences. I loved it and learned a lot."

"Speaker was entertaining, well-informed and geared the presentation to how it could help business."

"Thank you for spending time with us at the IAAP Convention this week. I enjoyed your seminar on Tuesday. It was very informative and you kept my interest the whole time. I have a small home based business and this information will help me out in my efforts to market my business. Thank you again for your time."

"Fantastic, would have liked more time for him! Excellent!"

"I attended your session on the above subject today at the IAAP International conference and enjoyed it very interesting, pertinent, and enjoyable. Hopefully, we will be able to provide our website guests the "jolts" of information they are searching for. Thanks much."

"Bring this gentleman back!"

"I really enjoyed the two seminars you presented last week that I attended. I would never have dreamed that companies were using You Tube for marketing campaigns. Our legal department would probably never allow anything that would suggest a risk to a forklift operator, but I can't wait to take a look at a few of these to see if there would be some way to use this for at least my area of the company which is the marketing of forklift parts.Thank you again for all the latest information you provided to us."

"Loved his energy, great speaker!"

"Thank you so much for the excellent presentation at the IAAP conference in New Orleans. You were fantastic! Thank you also for the book - excellent! I learned so much in the short 2 hour timeframe and also from reading your book. Thank you again. I will recommend you to my clients and organizations."

"Exceeded expectations. Excellent info and energy."

"A big "thank you" for sharing your time, knowledge, and talents with our members. I heard nothing but good things about your presentation. Great content delivered in an easy to understand professional way. Your relaxed calm presentation skills made the technical information fun and unthreatening to a person that is normally afraid to be left alone in a room with a computer."

"Ted, you were incredible! We have begged for technology sessions, but I never expected to get this much meat and entertainment at one sitting. I feel empowered!"

"You have no idea how much you helped me out yesterday - your presentation was just fantastic. My husband and I bought a camera and digital recorder on the way home yesterday and are headed into the world of YouTube today!"

"I learned so much from your presentation style too! I am a novice in this business, and having the opportunity to observe a real pro is very inspirational!"

"Speaker was able to relate his info to his audience. Will attend any presentations he makes in the future, and will book him into two other events."

"Plus - just seeing another Western Pennsylvanian make it big is quite motivational!"

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